Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CAPA...Graduation Day

If you take time to reall dig into the life and ministry of Christ you'll see an incredible diversity of ministry methods and opportunities.  He spoke in large, prestigious synagogues and he preached to crowds on hillsides in the middle of nowhere.  He ate in the homes of the rich and famous as well as on the beach by a campfire.  Jesus had nothing, yet He had everything.  Jesus met the needs of people where they existed.  Diversity was the defining theme of Christ''s approach to touching hearts, replacing loneliness and despair with hope and purpose.   Christ did it all and diversity was a common thread.  The word diversity also defines another great ministry.  It defines the Clergy And Police Alliance of the Fort Worth Police Department.

The Clergy And Police Alliance, or CAPA, is an alliance of local pastors with the Fort Worth Police Department and have as its goal helping to inject calm into chaotic circumstances.  CAPA performs a ministry under the guidance of the Fort Worth Police Department that is itself widely diverse in its scope and reach.  Further, I am honored to have been accepted into CAPA and recently graduated the training program to become one of its newest members.

The concept of CAPA is really very simple.  Since a CAPA member isn't an employee of the city of Fort Worth they can do and say things an officer can't.  It isn't the job of CAPA to interrogate victims or perpetrators, or in any way act as a sworn officer.  CAPA members are not trained law enforcement.  They are, however, trained instruments of help and healing.  CAPA members answer the call no matter the time of night or day to bring the calm of God's presence permeate those who are facing the hard realities of life.  CAPA members also count building lasting relationships with officers themselves.  To do this CAPA members are encouraged to spend as much time riding in patrol cars and being out on the street with officers as much as possible.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011