Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tragic Doesn't Mean Gross

As the Casey Anthony trial continues to progress it amazes me at how captivating it is to the public.  Anthropologically humans are an interesting specie.  It seems that violence, bloodletting, and death sing to them an inescapable Siren's song.  The deeper the depravity, the deeper human interest plunges.  In the wild of nature death and decay are the ruthless laws of survival.  But, aren't humans assumed to be further along in the developmental process that that?  The Casey Anthony trial has, sadly, proven humans to be closer to their Serengeti dwelling neighbors than to some higher order of civility.

Don't misunderstand my thought.  I'm not agonizing over news coverage of the trial.  The tragic lose of a precious, young girl deservers attention.  Young Caylee Anthony could have been the poster child for being cute and lovable.  I'm not even agonizing over all the media attention per se.  Since mid-2008 the Anthony family has been the subject and, often times, the guests of talk shows on all major networks.  Casey and her parents, George and Cindy, have been scrutinized intensely by the media over the past three years.  All in the pursuit of justice...right?  Right?

• • •