Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lucy, you got some "splainin" to do!

The 50's sitcom I Love Lucy was all about the Ricardos, Rick and Lucy. When one of Lucy's schemes would backfire Ricky, in his heavy Cuban accent, would shake his finger at Lucy and say, "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" This web site isn't a scheme but I do want to take a minute to "splain", or rather, explain what it's about.

I have hosted a blog site for some time now. Muscular Madness was born out of my desire to give my creative mind an outlet wrapped around my interests and hobbys.  Muscular Madness, as its name suggests, focused primarily on physical fitness and body building and had much of the same content as this site, but on a much different format.  In many ways it was a direct reflection of my life as it was at that time.  But, times change and so do our lives.  Mine changed in a big way a little more than a year ago.

A little more than a year ago my Mom died.  It's still difficult to even write the words but that is the inescapable reality that stares me in the face as a hallow, expressionless figure.  February 13, 2010 was the day that changed my life.  Despite that loss life continues and there are a myriad of things to live and be thankful for.  However, I cannot deny that my focus has shifted and there has been a paradigm shift for me that has rattled me to the core.

This site, I Am Screaming, reflects that paradigm shift.  I wanted a domain name that reflected how I felt and what I wanted to say.  The emotions and sense of loss since Mom died has, at times, been overwhelming.  One of the things I needed to do was give an outlet to my grief and emotions.  Thus, you have what's before you.

The difference between this site and Muscular Madness is that the focus has shifted from the external to the internal.  The areas that will receive most of my attention are Mom, Panic & Anxiety, and Thoughts.  I Am Screaming will reflect a much deeper, more personal introspective revelation of who I am and what makes me what I am.

Please browse around.  Leave comments, but mostly I want you to know that no matter what the storm is you may be facing at this moment there is hope and there are brighter days ahead.

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